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Ask the Artist's: Commonly asked hair + makeup questions

We sat down with some of our hair and make up artists and asked them questions we often get from our brides! Each of our girls specializes in different styles and brings unique experiences and techniques to the table. Have a question we missed? Send us a message and we will be sure to include it in our next Ask the Artist's post!

Meet the Artist's...

Kaitlyn - Hair Artist

IG @kaitlynwilsonhair

Years in the Industry: 6 years, specializing in bridal for the last 4 years

Katie - Makeup Artist & Hair Artist

IG @katiefullglam

Years in the Industry: 3 Years

Anora - Hair + Makeup Artist

IG @anoras_beautyworld

Samantha- Makeup Artist

IG: @samantha_.mua

Years in the Industry: 3

Ask the makeup artists...

1.) What are the benefits of matte skin and dewy skin for the wedding day?

Anora- The main goal is to not look too matte or too shiny. Therefore, the bride should avoid the dewy look if they have oily skin, unless they're going to have a makeup artist with them all day. Because, oily skin tends to shine, particularly on the T-zone, and sometimes the eyelids, cheek and chin can also become oily over the length of the day, they might not get the best wedding photos. However, if the bride wants to have a dewy finish, they still should start with a matte and get some touch-ups later.

Katie- The benefit of dewy skin is that it is much more wearable for long days. As your skin naturally produces oils, the makeup look is not completely changed.

Samantha- Matte skin is wonderful for a long lasting makeup, that won’t smudge or go anywhere all day. Dewy skin is perfect for the ceremony and photos so make you look soft supple and natural, it really enhances natural beauty.

2.) What makeup trends do you foresee for makeup this coming 2021 season?

Anora- For bridal makeup trends in 2021 are going to be about elegant shimmer eyes, long and/or natural look lashes, glowing semi-matte skin, highlighter, and nude lips.

Katie- For 2021, I think we will see smaller weddings and with that there will be lots of very natural and timeless makeup looks.

Samantha- Lots of glowy natural skin with more blush than usual, and a very smoked out natural brown or pink eye as well.

3.) What makeup product do you swear by for bridal makeup?

Anora- Only professional brands that have been in the market for a long time and that have a proven track record to work best on the skin such as Makeup Forever, MAC, Dior, Face Atelier, and Cinema Secrets. Also, some other high-end brands including Huda Beauty, Estee Lauder, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and more.

Katie- For bridal makeup I swear by black lash glue. That is the one product I never change no matter what client. When using black lash glue it helps blend the false lashes to the natural lashes and creates a more seamless look.

Samantha- The MAC face and body foundation is beautiful for a natural glowy finish, RCMA setting powder, Mac strobe cream, and the Morphe continuous setting mist.

4.) What skincare routine do you suggest for brides?

Anora- To begin, a good skincare routine includes a healthy sleep routine, as well as anything that helps the bride to destress. Also, if the bride worries about a skin condition such as acne, eczema or rosacea, or perhaps starting to go for targeted treatments, they should talk to a skin specialist such as a cosmetologist or dermatologist. Important to start skin treatment way ahead of time to avoid overdoing the treatment. So besides eating well, getting rid of the stress and having regular treatments with an expert, the bride should not forget the at-home skincare routine.

  • Proper cleansing

  • Brightening vitamin C serum (Recommended in the mornings)

  • Sun protection (recommended SPF50 UVA/UVB sunscreen in the morning after the serum)

  • Exfoliate (once or twice a week, in the evenings)

  • Moisturize and soothe

Although the above-mentioned steps will give the bride's skin everything it needs to look and feel healthy, there might be other areas they want to target depending on their concerns, so it's good if they tailor their routine according to their skin type and skin concerns.

Katie- Keep it simple. Lots of brides try to add new products or have treatments done close to the wedding but that puts your skin in a much more delicate state, making you more prone to breakouts. I recommend following a skin care routine that you know works for your skin.

Samantha- Making sure you cleanse the skin well everyday, if you want to get rid of blemishes or minimize pores, use products with salicylic acid or niacinamides for more quick results, and also a charcoal mask that isn’t too harsh on the skin for pores. And always always always make sure you moisturize, moisturizing is the number one skin care must have. Your skin can never get too much moisture, so use products that are very hydrating in your serums and masks as well. This goes for oily, dry, combination, or normal skin, every one can use a little bit more moisture.

Ask the hair artists....

1.) Can volume still be added to fine hair without adding extensions?

Kaitlyn- The short answer is yes- however there are limits to what we can achieve based on many contributing factors. The health of the hair and ability to hold curl/texture can play a huge role on how much volume we can achieve. The density of your hair is also import to keep in mind.

If you are planning to style your hair down, we can add volume by using a texture iron at your roots to give them a lasting lift! The size of curling iron used can also dictate how much volume can be added. For brides looking for something up and off their face, hair doughnuts can be added to create the illusion of a fuller updo! Always set yourself realistic expectations!

Anora- Absolutely yes. It is possible. However, they should wash their hair properly the night before, or at least three hours before the styling/event day.

2.) What hair trends do you foresee for this coming 2021 season?

Kaitlyn- I am really excited to see bridal ponytails make a comeback! I love how glamorous yet soft they are, while keeping your hair in perfect shape all day long! You are also able to add volume and length with the addition of a clip in ponytail.

Anora- Special occasion and bridal hair trends in 2021 are going to be all about soft waves, stunning long volumed braids, textured updos for brides with thin hair, spectacular long hair ponytails, soft and loose updo with curls, wedding classy high ballet bun, and a half up - half down styles.

3.) How can I get my hair to last all day long?

Kaitlyn- this will vary depending on the style you've chosen along with your hair type however, a hairstyle will not look the same at the end of the night as it did at the beginning of the day! This does not mean that it wont still look great, just that it is going to have some normal wear tear from the events of the day! I always recommend that brides keep a touch up kit with bobby pins, a comb and a mini can of hairspray!

Anora- The first and most important thing is thoroughly washed hair! Some other important things to note:

  • Properly preparing hair for styling

  • Using right products and last but not least

  • Proper fixing & finish

4.) Is there a hair care routine brides should be following?

Kaitlyn- Haircare routines can vary depending on hair type/texture, whether your hair is processed or not, how often you heat style and even the length of your hair. This is best discussed during your consultation and trial so that you can ensure you are taking the best possible care of your hair leading up to the wedding day!

Anora- It is very important to thoroughly and properly wash the hair. Apply shampoo to the scalp at least twice and massage the scalp. If they would apply shampoo over the entire length of the hair, including the ends it makes hair dry and brittle, it will dry them out more. Hair will get frizzy and will look like straw. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp at all, only 1.20 inches (3cm) away from the scalp to the length of the hair.

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