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I Don't Know How to Accessorize My Bridal Hairstyle

You probably have your Pinterest board started with all of the hairstyles you are loving for your wedding day. But now that you have a potential style narrowed down- how do you accessorize it? We wanted to share with you, some of our favourite bridal hair pieces we carry in store and how to wear them.

Option 1: Bridal Hair Comb

A hair comb is best worn with an updo. The teeth of the comb provide a strong hold, but it will not be as comfortable or as long wearing without an updo to anchor it with! It can be worn centre back or off to one side.

Option 2: Bridal Hair Vine

A hair vine can be extremely versatile to work with! It can be woven into a braid, worn as a headband, draped across an updo and even cut into smaller pieces!

Option 3: Bridal Hair Pins

Hair pins are very dainty and give a little bit of sparkle to your hair. They can be stacked together or worm separately. They are best worn with half up/down styles, bridal ponytails or updos!

You can shop each of these hair pieces in store at The Dress Lounge. What styles are you loving for the 2021 wedding season? Let us know in the comments!

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