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I'm Getting Married During A Pandemic: What About My Hair and Makeup?

We are a year into a global pandemic and no one could have predicted how heavily it would affect our day to day lives. Many things we have taken for granted such as travelling and hosting large gatherings (AKA weddings!) have been drastically altered. Maybe you originally planned a 350 person wedding and now you are looking at maybe 50 guests? It really changes the way you go about planning your special day.

Of course everyone is looking at ways to cut costs or salvage some investment back out of their postponed wedding. But what services are most important to keep for your wedding day? This may vary depending on each bride, but here is why we think hair and makeup is an important service to keep!

  1. Hair and Makeup can elevate how your wedding photos turn out

We all know that celebrities always look A+ on the red carpet in every photo; why? They have a talented team of artists behind them! The camera will pick things up such as redness in your skin, patchy makeup and fly away hairs. Professional Hair and Makeup artists possess the skills to enhance your pretty features and ensure that you are picture perfect. There are products to tame fly aways, add glow to your skin and enhance your eyes. Along with that, there are tips, tricks and skills in using those products and having the most effective results. The industry is always changing, and the artists grow and learn with it. Think of them as your personal red carpet team! After all, your wedding day is the most special "red carpet" you will ever walk!

2.) You will have your wedding photos forever

This is continuing on with number one, but your wedding photos will be one of the things you keep from your wedding forever. You will spend a large portion of your wedding budget booking a talented photographer, so why wouldn't you ensure that your skin and hair are perfect for your wedding photos? Memories of your decor, food and wedding favours may fade over time, but you will always have your wedding photos.

3.) Your wedding look is not complete without your hair and makeup

Do you ever notice how when a bride puts on their wedding dress on at home or during their bridal appointment that it doesn't all come together until her wedding day? That's because you need all of the extras to compliment the beautiful gown! A glamorous dress is amazing on it's own, but the wow factor is when you combine it with an elegant hairstyle and glowing makeup. Though hair and makeup may appear to be a small detail, it is certainly important in finishing the final look!

4.) This is your time to feel pampered

Many of us find it stressful to style our hair or get our makeup to turn out how we imagined it. Now think about how this will make you feel when it is the morning of your wedding and there will not be time to change it if you aren't happy with the turn out! Booking hair and makeup artists allows you to have a trial and leave these details in the hands of trained professionals. They know what products to use, how to apply them and how to achieve your vision. Sit back, relax and sip your mimosa while your team of artists glams you up. It's the morning of your wedding- you deserve to be pampered!

5.) This is your time to have "girl time" with all of your closest friends & family

What better way to spend your wedding morning than with sisters, cousins or your bffs getting glammed up?! Make yourself a wedding playlist, enjoy some mimosa's and take some memorable selfies with all the people there to support you on your special day. Rather than spending your time doing your hair and makeup yourself, sit side by side with your besties and enjoy the morning!

At the end of the day, it is your wedding and up to you what is most important! No matter what happens, this is a special day you will cherish for years to come.


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